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Fieldwork Session Planner

This week on the ELAR blog, ELDP grantee Kristian Roncero introduces a Fieldwork Session Planner, which he developed while working on his PhD. Kristian’s ELAR Collection is titled An audio-visual documentation of Chamalal, a language of Dagestan (Russia). By Kristian Roncero Fieldwork is messy, otherwise “armchair linguists” wouldn’t call us “dirty feet linguists”. However, we should think

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Remote Linguistic Elicitation Methods

This week on the ELAR blog, ELDP grantee Richard T. Griscom gives us some insights on his experiences conducting fieldwork remotely – something he also recently discussed on ELAR depositor Martha Tsutsui Billins’ podcast Fieldnotes. Richard’s ELAR collection ‘Documentation of Isimjeeg Datooga’ can be accessed here. By Richard T. Griscom The COVID-19 pandemic has brought a

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Introducing DoReCo: Language Documentation Reference Corpora

On the ELAR blog this week, we are introducing the DoReCo project (Language Documentation Reference Corpus). DoReCo started in March 2019 and is a French-German collaborative project that brings together spoken language corpora from about 50 languages, extracted from documentations of small and often endangered languages. Matt Stave, postdoctoral researcher at Laboratoire Dynamique du Langage in Lyon,

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Combining .mov files with FFmpeg (on a Mac)

Today on the ELAR blog, we are sharing a post from ELDP grantee, Nick Williams on combining .mov files with FFmpeg (for Mac users). Nick works in Indonesia researching Kula, an endangered non-Austronesian language spoken in the eastern highlands of Alor.  Video version: https://youtu.be/c1YWg-5LCYw I am currently working as a postdoc on a project focused on video documentation

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