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New Alpha version of lameta released

A few months ago we introduced the new metadata tool lameta on the ELAR blog. Since then the tool has been improved and new features have been added. The lastest release is lameta 0.9.2 Alpha, a preview release. Before upgrading to this version, you should make a backup of your lameta project. We’d love to hear your feedback on this latest release!

lameta - the metadata editor for transparent archiving

lameta is a new tool for preparing data for archiving. It allows you to enter and edit metadata, link metadata records to resource files, keep track of your data management work, and export data sets for upload to an archive.

There are many changes in lameta 0.9.2 Alpha compared to previous versions, and because of a change to how Person languages are modeled (see below), not everything you enter in this version will be retained if you go back to a previous version. For this reason this Alpha version was put out for testing purposes before releasing for Beta testing.

What’s new?

This version has a completely new system for recording the languages of people:

  • A person can have an unlimited number of languages.
  • You can drag to reorder languages.
  • You can use the “star” button next to a language to mean whatever you want (lfor example “primary language”), and can star more than one language.
  • You can mark several languages on the “mother” / “father” buttons.

Moreover, opening the project file (.sprj) will now cause lameta to open that project and automatically open it next time you run lameta. This makes it easier to re-locate your project to a different drive. Just quit lameta, move the project folder, then double-click the .sprj file.

lameta 0.9.2 Alpha also has a completely new system for handling copying in of files, making copying large video files easier.

The team working on lameta has furthermore put in a lot of work to make it safer to use lameta in a Dropbox context.

As lameta is still being developed we look forward to hearing your feedback on the latest release!