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And the DELAMAN Award goes to…

Karolina Grzech for her ELAR collection ‘Upper Napo Kichwa: documentation of language and culture‘!

Depositpage image for Karolina Grzech’s collection ‘Upper Napo Kichwa: documentation of language an culture’.

The Digital Endangered Languages and Musics Archives Network (DELAMAN) was established in 2003 as an international umbrella body for archives and other initiatives with the goal of documenting and archiving endangered languages and cultures worldwide. Every two years the DELAMAN Award is presented to an early-career documenter who has done outstanding documentary work in creating a rich multimedia documentary collection of a particular language that is endangered or no longer spoken.

To be eligible, the language documentation collection must be archived and made accessible in a DELAMAN archive (with no or only minimal access restrictions), and it must provide rich audio and video documentation, keywords, comprehensive metadata, and explanatory material or guides, as well as transcription, translation and annotation of a subset of the AV collection.

Karolina’s collection is a result of a collaborative documentation project of Upper Napo Kichwa language and culture, funded by ELDP between 2012-2015. The deposited data encompasses a wide variety of genres and topics and contains large amount of interactions between native speakers, all of which have been recorded on video, as well as audio. The only part of the corpus which was recorded on audio only are certain grammatical elicitations. The information about all the sessions, as well as topics and keywords, are available both in Spanish and English. The same is true for the collection’s landing page. Read more about Karolina’s project in her blog post about making an educational video on medicinal plants of the Napo Runa.

Apart from Karolina Grzech’s collection, three other ELAR depositors received honourable mentios from the DELAMAN Award Committee for their collections: 

  • Andrew Harvey for his collection of materials on Gorwaa (gow)
  • Christian Döhler for his collection of materials on Bine (bon)
  • Jorge Emilio Rosés Labrada for his collection of materials on Piaroa (pid)

A fourth honourable mention was awarded to Florian Lionnet for his collection of materials on Laal (gdm) in The Language Archive (TLA).

The DELAMAN Award 2021 is officially presented at the opening ceremony of the 7th International Conference on Language Documentation & Conservation at the University of Hawai‘i at Mānoa on Thursday, 4 March 2021.