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Meakambut at Amiñimba

Today on the ELAR blog, we are sharing some footage from the Meakambut ways of speaking: Audio-visual documentation of communication practices in a small semi-nomadic hunter-and-gatherer society in Papua New Guinea deposited by ELDP grantee Darja Hoenigman.


On this film, Darja writes:

The Meakambut are a group of 62 tropical foragers living and moving in their mountainous limestone country in the Northern fringe of Papua New Guinea Highlands. They speak their own language, Meambul momba, which belongs to the small Arafundi group. In this video we see Olomaŋey, Aŋgay, Yakalok and Parawip at Amiñimba rock shelter. The subtitled video provides us with a real-time experience of some ‘moments in their lives, which are now kept in the computer’, as the Meakambut themselves tend to explain my work with them.

Thank you to Darja and the Meakambut speakers for contributing this recording to the archive.

This footage was used in the video installation project by Chouette Films, which can be viewed here on the ELAR vimeo channel.

Check back here on the blog next week for another short film- one of the last ones from Anna and Remy Sowa!

Blog post by Martha Tsutsui Billins

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