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ELAR & Chouette Films Video Installation: Dulong (Trung)

This week on the ELAR blog, we are sharing the next short film from the video installation created by Anna and Remy Sowa of Chouette Films. The film featured in this post was created from footage from the ‘Documentation and Description of Dulong (Trung)‘ deposit at ELAR, deposited by ELDP grantee Ross Perlin.


On this film, Ross wrote:

Dulong (Trung) people live along the river and have several traditional ways of fishing. One sunny afternoon, three cousins went to a nearby bend in the river, explaining how they net fish. Dulong is a Tibeto-Burman language spoken by approximately 6,000 people in China’s Yunnan Province, in the eastern Himalayas.

Thank you to Anna, Remy, Ross, and the speakers who made this film possible! Check back here on the blog to see more of these beautiful short films (only three left!) which will be featured on the blog each week during the next few weeks!

Blog post by Martha Tsutsui Billins

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