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Speak SOAS Language Exchange App

This week at ELAR, we celebrated International Mother Language day on February 21st! On the same day, SOAS World Languages Institute launched it’s long awaited language-exchange app for Android, Speak SOAS. SOAS is home to over 100 languages, so this app is perfect for SOASians looking to learn both large and small languages.

-Silviano Jiménez

This app allows SOASians to find language exchange buddies within the university. Users may choose up to 3 languages they would like to learn/already speak. Using the app, users can see if there is someone among SOAS students or staff who speak the languages they are looking to learn, or who are learning languages they already speak.

Using this app, SOASians can chat, send images and set up meetings with language exchange partners, and make new friends!

SpeakSOAS is available to SOAS staff and students only. Its aim is to promote language exchange free of charge. SpeakSOAS is not a platform for advertising tutoring and/or proofreading.

If you have an Android device, all you have to do is download the app from the Google Play Store and create an account with you SOAS email address, here.

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